Bioinformatics Analyses

We know how to analyze any type of genomic data: next generation sequencing, microarrays, among other technologies. Are you interested in variant calling, exome sequencing, de novo genome or transcriptome assembly, metagenomics, ChIP-seq, ChIP-chip? Then talk to us! Show us your data, we will show you the way.

Bioinformatics Consulting

From study design to results interpretation, we will guide you through every step of the way. We can give you advice on state of the art experimental designs, the latest analytical methods and software.

Courses and Workshops

Learn the basics or get updated on the latest methods and bioinformatics tools. Work hands-on with your data, solve your problems guided by expert bioinformaticians.

Technical Support and Bioinformatics Unit Setup

Do you want to start your own bioinformatics core facility at your institution? Our group of expert informatics technicians can help you get established. Our group can also provide technical support for already established facilities. Given your budget constraints, we will provide you with the optimal setup that maximizes performance, efficiency and scalability.

Custom Pipeline Development

You have the data and you have the questions, let us build the pipeline to get you the answers. Reduce the burden of repetitive computational tasks on your team, we design workflows for running routinary jobs, no matter the complexity. If you are thinking of big data analysis automatization, think of Winter Genomics.

Applied Bioinformatics

As we go deeper into the genomic era, the power of genomics is increasing. Genomic medicine, molecular diagnostics, pharmacogenomics, agrigenomics and biotechnology are some of the areas that most heavily rely on bioinformatics. Contact Winter Genomics and together we will revolutionize your industry or research activities.

Winter Genomics provides bioinformatics solutions aimed at industry, healthcare, academic and government institutions.

Our multidisciplinary team specializes in big data management from biological samples, providing you with informed assistance during the whole process, from experimental design to data storage, integration, analysis and interpretation.

We use and develop bioinformatics tools suited to your needs following the best practices dictated by the international scientific community, guaranteeing high quality results delivered in a quick and efficient way, with direct and continuous support from our expert consultants.

We specialize in

Design, implementation and monitoring of bioinformatic projects.    
Bioinformatics workshops and courses based on the latest methods and software.    
Development and maintenance of analytic pipelines specifically adapted to your data and infrastructure.

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Our Team

We are a division of Winter Mexico, pioneers in providing high-end bioinformatics services in Latin America. The expertise of our multidisciplinary team is centered around genomic big data, with a focus on next generation sequencing and microarray analyses. We specialize in providing applied genomics solutions and we have ventured into developing user friendly interfaces to make bioinformatics a simple and powerful task.

Ryosuke Watanabe

CEO & Founder

Diana Mendoza

Business Project Manager

Fernando Perez

Operations Manager

Violeta Larios

Bioinformatics Consultant

Liliana Andrés

Bioinformatics Consultant

Roberto Galindo

Bioinformatics Consultant

Michael Torres

Bioinformatics Consultant

Israel Aguilar

Bioinformatics Consultant

Patricia Oliver

Business Represntative

Fernando Riveros

Bioinformatics Advisor

Leonardo Collado

Bioinformatics Advisor


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